Friday, April 6, 2012

So whats the plan?

Its a beautiful day here, a perfect day for a picnic dinner.  I called the Hubs at work and suggested we grab a bite and go to the nearby park to enjoy the trails and beautiful weather. 

"That sounds great," he said, "But I was hoping to get a long run in this evening, so that you can get your two long runs in this weekend."

Isn't he awesome?  Gently reminding me that we both have running goals we want to achieve, and that we have to work together to get there.

To do this running thing seriously, there will have to be trade-offs.  So I don't get my picnic dinner today.  But I will get my two long runs in this weekend.  And probably a picnic lunch, since the weather will still be nice. 

Admittedly, this is a very small trade-off.  The trade-off I am most concerned about is time with my son.  I work 8 hours a day, so I see my son for about an hour in the morning and about 2 hours in the evening.  I get two glorious days with him on the weekends.  How much of my training will take away from time with my son?

What the heck are you training for? you may ask, as well you may.  Full disclosure: I want to run an ultra.  Ultimately, at some point in my life, I want to run a 100-miler.  Not tomorrow.  Or even next year.  Or even in three years.  Theres still a good amount of time between me and my first 100-miler.  But I don't think a 50K is completely out of my reach in the near-ish future.  How much do I need to train to run a 50K?  How much time with my son will I have to sacrifice?

These are questions I need to think about.  I need to draw up a plan that balances our goals and our reality, and make sure the trade-offs are in all the right places. 

I know I can get there.  I know I can train well and right.  I know I can be a mom, a wife, AND a runner.  

Plus, how awesome would it be for my son to have an ultrarunner mom?! :)

Jen Benna (my idol) via

I love reading Jen Benna's blog.  She's an ultrarunner mom that was back running 100-milers FIVE MONTHS after her daughter was born.  She is truly an inspiration.  (Plus she pumps when she races!  How awesome is that?!)

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