Thursday, April 12, 2012

Shoe Shopping

Yesterday, our little fam unit popped into the new athletic store in town, just to check out their goodies.  There, in the center of the store, were the New Balance Minimus Zeros, in all their ultra-lightweight glory.

NB Minimus Zeros via

The sales clerk wasn't sure if they were carrying the road model or the trail model, so the Hubs told him.  "These are the women's trail shoes.  The WT in the shoe code stands for 'women's trail.'"  Oh, DJ Research.  You know the most random things about the most random things.

The Zeros were bleepin awesome.  I wouldn't say they were comfortable, due to the fact that they are super minimalist shoes.  In other words, you could really feel the ground in them.  But thats why they are so awesome.  In my wonderful Saucony XC2 Shays, I can barely feel the ground, and as much as I love them, I think I want an even more minimalist shoe.

Unfortunately, I don't think the Minimus Zeros are the shoe for me.  I am cursed with long, narrow feet.  A shoe that fits me length-wise is usually to wide width-wise.  This is true for the Zeros.  Apparently, NB runs wide, so we were never destined to be together anyway. :(

The Minimus did fit the Hubs, however.  And he LOVED them.  We didn't buy a pair because we do have to discuss the hefty $110 price tag.  But the smile on the Hubs' face as he was prancing around the store was priceless.  The man is awesome.  He really does deserve a good trail shoe.

Of course, Li'l Nugget did not want to be left out.  He kept pulling shoes off the shelf to try on himself, always cognizant to put the shoe back when he was done (usually with our prompting, of course).  While the Hubs tried on the Minimus, Nugget wore daddy's shoes around the store.  He was very proud.

Are there any female runners out there with my same problem: long, narrow feet?  Have you found a minimal or trail shoe you love?

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