Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mission Easter Stickers

Yesterday I wasn't able to get a morning run in (time management is everything!  And I am so bad at it!), so I decided to literally run an errand after work.  I needed small goodies to put in the Easter eggs my son will be giving his classmates later this week, so I laced up my running shoes for a quick jog to the town center, about 2 miles from our house. 

DJ Research reminded me that it would probably get dark while I was out, so I should take all the appropriate reflective gear and the running light.  I assured him I would, then promptly forgot as I ran out the door.  I had only 16 minutes to get to the store, and in my haste to make it, I completely overlooked safety.

Since I am writing this post-run, I clearly made it home fine.  But its not a mistake I would like to repeat again.  As you can imagine, the road to the town center is the busiest in the area, but surprisingly, there are sections along this busy road that are not at all lit.  I felt like I was running blind. 

The errand itself took longer than I anticipated.  I had to stop at 4 different stores (I made it to the toy just as they were closing.  Plus they didn't even have Easter stickers!) before I found something that would a) fit in the plastic Easter eggs and b) was less than $1 each, because as much as I love these kids, I'm not about to go broke buying them gifts for Easter.  It took me almost an hour to some Easter stickers.  Geez.

Anyway, the run back is almost all downhill so I made really good time.  All in all, I ran 3.78 in 30.47 for a pace of 8:09 m/m, though considering the hour break between my arrival and return, I'm not sure this run is an accurate indication of my speed.  I was proud of my push on the return though, so the feel of that push will be my takeaway for this run.


  1. Ok so, being an overly concerned citizen (and relative), wouldnt it be better if you never run alone in the dark? That just seems....so....uh....dangerous?

    Just a thought.

    A serious one...in my mind. :D

    Btw I'm glad you were able to find something! Even if it took you an hour.

  2. Is this mom? :)

    It is definitely safer if I never run alone in the dark. But then I'd never run. All opportunities for a long run means I will be running in the dark at some point. But I will do so less, so you'll have some peace of mind. Or at least I'll stop blogging about it. ;)