Thursday, May 3, 2012

Embrace the Spin

While I'm in recovery, I'm spinning until I feel confident enough to run again (which hopefully will be soon).  I'm not a fan of the bike, but like I've said, its such a great workout, I have to keep at it.

The persistence is paying off.  I am actually starting to like spinning.  And I think that its only going to get better now that I have my...dun-dun-dun...Special Spinning Playlist!

I used to run with music, but have since stopped due to safety concerns.  Sometimes I miss my music.  I think thats one reason I'm appreciating my spin sessions more; I can workout with music again.  To those runners who listen to music responsibly while running, more power to you.  To those runners who blast your music while running in the middle of the road, get out of the road or I'm going to run you over.  With my car.

Here's my Special Spinning Playlist:

I like this musical progression because it inspires a gradual physical progression of riding up steeper and steeper hills. Or at least thats how I ride to it.  By the time I get to We Are Young, I am riding at the most difficult resistance at a very slow pace.  For some reason I have yet to understand, I LOVE that feeling.  I feel like I am pouring heart, soul and guts into the ride at that point.  It takes all my self-control not to roar like a wild animal.  I feel so raw.  And so amazing.

At what point in your workout do you feel the most amazing?  Does music help get you there?

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  1. I love We Are Young! One of my current favorites for every single playlist I make! Just started loving the bike this year too, mostly of of the necessity of my injuries.