Friday, April 13, 2012

For the vanity of it

The weather has been gorgeous recently, and I've been lucky enough to get out for a run on most days.  Wanting to practice proper skin safety (what the bleep is that?), I've been applying 30+ sun block on my face.  And this totally freaks my husband out.  The sun block is Badger Natural Sunscreen, which I bought for my son last summer when he was just shy of a year old.  And while I think its a great product, it doesn't rub in very well, leaving my face exuding a white ghostly glow that my husband just cannot stand.  Its hilarious.  Our post-run conversations are usually face-to-side, because he just won't look at me.  And when he does, he'll stop talking to say, "You look really, really weird right now," and then turn away and resume talking without looking at me.  I think its hilarious that hes so offended by this sunblock, but he doesn't seem to feel the same way.

So anyway, to get my husband to look at me post-run, and because I, like most people, enjoy getting new running gear, I bought a white, reflective Under Armor visor when our family unit was bopping around the new athletic store in town.  And I wore it on my run yesterday.  As soon as I put in on, I felt cool and strong and athletic.  "Wow!" I thought, "This visor makes me feel 10 seconds faster!"

My new visor!

And then I remembered the rest of my outfit:


What the hell am I wearing?  Especially those socks with my running shoes?  Ai-yai-yai.  

Luckily, I don't really care what I look like when I run (its true, I don't.  I appreciate looking nice when I run, but I'd prefer that to be a fortuitous accident rather than something that I plan and strategize.  When it comes to fashion, I am totally clueless, as evidence by above pic.)  So off I went for a fast run through that hilly neighborhood near work.  I managed three loops (3.85 miles) in just over a half-hour (33:53), which gave me a good base for realistic goals on this short, quick lunchtime route.  Next time I'm going to try for 3 loops and back in 30:00.

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