Friday, March 30, 2012

Wednesday Spin Class

Oh, how I hate spin class.  I hate that burning feeling in my quads, and all the sweat that drips into my eyes.  But it is such a great *bleeping* work-out, that I have to go back.

Its like my relationship with bananas.  I have always hated bananas.  ALWAYS.  I refused to eat them growing up, and even refused to eat them in high school, no matter how much my friends bribed me.  But one day I realized they were just too cheap NOT to eat.  Now I eat them everyday.

Thats how I feel about cycling class: its too good a work-out NOT to go back.  Plus, the teacher is awesome.  Super motivational.  And shows no mercy.

Wednesdays are Spin Class days.  Maybe I need to eat two bananas.

Maybe spin class would be easier if I had a cheering banana by my side.
image via Giga Granada Hills

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