Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday 5K PR

Last night my overambitious self told my husband that I was going to run 10 miles the next morning.  Then I had a beer.

And while I was enjoying this beer, it occurred to me that in order to get a long run in (10 miles is long for me), I would need to run early in the morning, and therefore I would need to prepare everything the night before.  And the thought of preparing everything the night before on a FRIDAY, when I've spent all week preparing for the next day, just totally zonked me.  I needed a break from preparing for tomorrow.

So I poured myself another beer, and said, "Self, we're just going for a 5K run tomorrow.  But we'll do it hard."  And Self said, "ok."  Because that's all Self says.

My goal was to run this 5K (turned out to be 3.14 miles) under a 9:00 minute/mile pace.  I am proud to say that I ran it at a 7:59 minute/mile pace.  I was kinda shocked that I manged to come in a whole minute faster than intended.  The route does incorporate one moderately hilly portion and one gradually hilly portion, and I do return down the gradual hill so that helped.

Tomorrow I am definitely going for the early morning 10 mile run.  And the goal: just finish.  Even if its on my hands and knees.

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