Friday, March 30, 2012

Tuesday Boot Camp

I am very lucky that in the basement of my work building there is a small gym with an incredible staff who are very passionate and enthusiastic about fitness.  I am also very lucky that they offer some awesome classes.

On Tuesdays, Trainer H holds a class called "Boot Camp," in which he directs us through a series of exercises designed to work everything: upper body, lower body and core.  This is only my second class with him, but by the end, my body was weeping silently as I limped to the locker room.  It was a great class.  What I really love is that he incorporates weights, the stability ball, the medicine ball and mat work into this 45-minute class.

However, even after such a great work-out, I find myself still craving cardio.  This has happened my entire life; I finish a more body-work oriented class and I still want to run.  I'm thinking I may have to throw in a quick early-morning run before work, but we'll see what my time-management skills have to say about that.

I can do this in my sleep.  Because I'm dreaming.
via The Performance Edge

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